Monday, February 10, 2020

February 2020 Meeting

The February meeting took place on 8th Feb 2020 at Santa Barbara Paint Depot.

The style of the month was Scottish Strong.

Two commercial beers were used for calibration:

1. Belhaven 90 Schilling
2. Belhaven Scottish

Four beers were judged and placed as follows:

1. Doug Jones
2. Francis
3. Aubrey
4. Draughtsman (ringer)

Yes, the homebrews beat out the commercial ringer!

A suggestion was made to move the March meeting to accommodate another beer event. Stay tuned for any update.

Many thanks to Fernando for hosting!

Saturday, January 11, 2020

January 2020 meeting

The January meeting took place on 11th Jan 2020 at TLC's joint.

The style of the month was Belgian Dark Strong.

Two beers were judged and placed as follows:

1. Bob G
2. Fernando

In a surprise move, Bob announced that he was self disqualifying as his entry was the same as what he entered for Christmas. Unfortunately Fernando did not score enough points to take first but he is currently in the lead with the only points for the year. (According to Barbeerian lore, beers must score at least 30 for a first place and at least 25 for second. Does anyone know the minimum for third? If so, leave a comment!)

Elections were held and offices were filled as follows:

Les- President
Aubrey- President, Vice
Jerry- Secretary (with Kayla)
Kayla- Treasurer (with Jon)
Stan the Elder- Steward
Patrick- Meetings
Paul and Bob- Fests
Casey- Beer Office for Life

Many thanks to TLC for hosting!